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Product Description


Write detailed description for your products can effectively attract customers’ awareness and increase sales. On eshopland, you can enter text description content and design the layout by using the formatting functions and other editing features.


1.    Enter the Product Content Page


Login and go to the Admin Panel. Click Products > All Products, select a Product to enter the Product Content Page.



2.    Product Description


Enter the Product Description into the text box.



The system will auto generate the product content fields in different languages according to your shop’s Language Settings.

The product content should be input in multi-language (EN) text fields respectively.


The multi-functional text field supports styling on format, font-style, font-size, colors, etc.

You can also insert tables, special characters, emotion icons (emoji), horizontal line, etc. into the product description content.


For more details about the features and usage of the product text field, please visit Advanced Text Field.


If you would like to add video in the product description field, please read Adding Video in Product Description for reference.


3.    Save


Choose to Cancel  or Save  the changes.


4.    Preview the Visible Effect


Press Preview  to view the updated effect of the product description.



Press Back  to return to the Product Content Page.


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