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Product Pre-order

Merchants subscribed for eshopland “Professional” plan can set individual products as “Pre-order” products. This feature allows merchants to better promote their new products and make them much easier to recognize as pre-order products.


Pre-order feature is only applicable to “Professional” plan users, for more details please visit our Pricing Plans.


1.    Enable the “Pre-order” Feature


Go to Admin Panel > Products, select the product and enter the product content page.

Scroll down to Pre-order and Enable  “Accept Pre-order”.



2.    Pre-order Instructions


You can enter specific terms and conditions into pre-order instructions field to remind the customers about the notes on product pre-ordering.




Press Save  when finished.


3.    Pre-order Product Display on Product Page


[Pre-order] label will be added onto the product name.


Pre-order instructions will be shown on a prominent place of the product page.

The system will auto hide the pre-order instructions area if it detected blank.


The “Buy now” button will be changed to “Pre-order” on the product page.



4.    Pre-order Product Display in Shopping Cart


[Pre-order] label will be added onto the product name for easy recognition.

Customers can add pre-order product and other products into the shopping cart and proceed cart checkout at the same time.



If a customer purchases pre-order products and other products at the same time, you may have to arrange separate shipment for the products and an extra shipping costs may occur.

You can add the specific pre-ordering terms and notes into the Pre-order instructions for customers’ information.



5.    Pre-order Product Display on Product Overview


“Pre-order” tag will be placed on the Pre-order product on the Product Overview page to make it more noticeable.



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