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Page Settings


eshopland platform allows you to specify the page settings your shop webpages, effectively improve the on-page SEO (search engine optimization) and make customers to search your shop on the search engine results much easier.


1.    Go to the Page List.


Go to the Admin Panel > Design > Pages.


You can see the list of your shop’s webpages.

The system will preset the available layout and design features according to the user’s purchased service plan.



               Adding a new page

Add-page feature is only available for specified plans users, please visit our service plans for more details.


                Setting the webpage to “Visible”


           Setting the webpage to “Hidden”


                   Deleting the page

Only applicable for added pages.


                 Uploading page settings file

Upload the page settings backup file will overwrite the existing settings.


           Downloading page settings file

Download the page settings file for backup purpose.


2.    Themes.


You can click to Preview or directly Apply the desired shop template theme.

Applying a theme, the design and content of the theme will be applied onto the webpages of your online shop.

You can edit the design and content after applying a theme, to best fit your business requirements.


3.    Page setup.


Select or add a new webpage to enter the page settings.



Page Title

The page title will be shown on the top area of the browser.

The page title should be short and clear, related to the page content which can effectively improve SEO (search engine optimization).

Page title is mandatory.

Page title should be unique.

The system will auto generate the multi-language title fields according to your shop’s Language Settings.



Page Description

The page description (meta description) is a summary of the content of the webpage.

Recommended length: 70 to 160 characters.

Search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) usually show this snippet of text on the search results. It can improve SEO.

All other shop webpages, except the Homepage, can apply the description used on the homepage.



Enter appropriate and relevant keywords for the page can increase search engine visibility (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

You can enter the keywords directly onto the field

You can utilize the AI Auto Keywords feature, Artificial intelligence (AI) technology will smartly analyze your page title and page description and suggest relevant keywords for you.

All other shop webpages, except the Homepage, can apply the keywords used on the homepage.


Page URL

The URL of all default pages are not editable.

The URL of the new pages can be customized.

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