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Merchants of specified plan(s) can set the status of individual products as “Hidden” to hide the product on the online store. Only specific customers who know the product link can browse and purchase the hidden product.


The Hidden Product feature is only available for “Professional” plan users, please refer to our Pricing for more details.


1.    Enter the Product Page


Admin Panel > Products > All Products,

Select a product.


2.    Hide a Product


Set the Product Status to “Hidden”, the product will be immediately changed to “Published & Hidden”.



The Hidden product will not be displayed on the online store. Only specific customers who know the product link will be able to see the product.

If the product has been added in any design modules, even if its status is set to “Hidden”, it will still be displayed on the design modules or on pages where the product URL has been added.

Merchant can copy the link of the hidden product and send to designated customers or groups.



3.    Identify a Hidden Product on the Product List


The product status will be displayed as “Hidden” on the product list for easy identification.



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