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Basic Text Field


Basic Text Field module is created for inputting plain text content and setting simple styling on font and format.


1.      Add a Basic Text Field module.


Go to Admin Panel > Design > Pages.

Select or add a page and enter the Layout Designer.

Press Add  to add a Basic Text Field module.



2.      Manage the Module.



You can manage the following settings of the Basic Text Field module:



Background Color



For more details about managing the modules, you can visit the Manage Modules tutorial.


3.      Set the Basic Text Field module.


Click Edit  to enter the Basic Text Field.

You are required to type in text content into different language pages respectively.

You can utilize the Traditional-Simplified Chinese Conversion feature when tying in Chinese content into the Chinese fields.



Functions of the Basic Text Field:

Text Formatting (Bold, Italic, Underline)

Font Size



4.      Save  the changes.

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