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Adding Products


On eshopland platform, you can sell different types of products, like physical items or digital products. Follow the simple steps below to add a new product onto your online shop and launch to the market for sale.


1.    Login and go to the Admin Panel. Click Products > All Products.


Select Add New  to start adding a new product.



2.    Adding Product Name.



Product Name is mandatory.

Product Name should be unique.

The system will auto generate the product name fields in different languages according to your shop’s Language Settings.

Product name is editable in the product content page.


3.    A new product has been added.



You can select the product to enter the product content page and add product description, images, prices, stock, weight, etc. For more details, please read the tutorial articles below:

Product Description

Product Image

Product Details Settings

Product Variants


The system will set the new product as “Unpublished by default.

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