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Products for Members Only


Merchants subscribed for eshopland “Professional” plan can set products for “Members Only” to attract loyal customers to become your shop members. Merchants can also set quantity limit on the members only products to boost sales.


Products for Members Only feature is only applicable to “Professional” plan users, for more details please visit our Pricing Plans.


1.    Setting Products for Members Only


Go to Admin Panel > Products, select the product and enter the product content page.

Scroll down to Members Only and Enable .


“Members Only” products are only available for member customers, non-member customers will not able to see the product on the online shop.

Member customer is required to sign in the shop member account in order to view and buy the “Members Only” product.


Press Save  when finished setting.



2.    Setting Quantity Limit on Products for Members Only


Enable  Quantity Limit to limit the purchase quantity of the product per each member.

When a member has purchased the members only product up to the set quantity limit, the member will be restricted to order the product.



3.    Members Only Product Display on Product Overview


Only signed in member customers can view and purchase the members only products.

If you have set member Purchase Quantity Limit, the member quantity limit and used quota will be shown on the product page.



If a non-member customer knows the product URL, the customer will still be able to see the product page but the product price and purchase buttons will be auto hidden.



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