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Stripe Auto Payment Method


eshopland platform supports the international well-known payment platform, Stripe, as one of the payment methods of your online shop. Your customers will be able to shop and pay by credit cards and e-wallets on your online shop through Stripe.


1.    The Stripe payment methods offered on eshopland ecommerce platform:


Credit Cards:

AMEX - American Express






Apple Pay

Google Pay


2.    Understanding the Stripe’s Charges.


Stripe will charge 3.4% + HK$2.35 per each successful card charge.

No setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees on Stripe.

All the fee information about Stripe is collected from Stripe’s official website:


3.    Adding Stripe as a payment method of your online shop.


Go to Admin Panel > Settings > Payment.


Click Add to add a new method, select Stripe (Credit Card / Apple Pay / Google Pay) on the list.



4.    Connect to Stripe.


Press Connect to Stripe and enter the Stripe payment platform.



Create your free Stripe Account

If you don’t have a Stripe account, enter an email address, follow the steps to create a free Stripe account.

You can also create your free account on the Stripe’s official website:


Log in your Stripe Account

If you already have a Stripe account, enter the Stripe login email and password to sign in.



Connect the Account

Log in Stripe and press the “Connect” button to connect your Stripe account with your eshopland account.

When you are Connected to Stripe Successfully, you will be auto returned to eshopland admin panel.



5.    Other Settings.


Display – the icons of the payment method

You can select which icons to be displayed on the footer of your online shop webpage.


Additional Fees – additional charges to be paid by customers who choose to settle the payment by this method


You can choose to charge on a fixed rate or charge by percentage.


Payment Method Description – terms of settling the payment by this method




6.    Save  the settings when finished. Now, your customers can pay for the orders on your online shop by Stripe, all such transactions will be completed via Stripe online payment platform.

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