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Free Self-Pickup


eshopland ecommerce platform supports multiple shipping methods, to match merchants’ operational requirements and satisfy customers’ different shipping needs. Setting free self-pickup as a shipping method, customers can pick up orders at store, office or a designated location.


1.    Adding new Shipping Method.


Go to Admin Panel > Settings > Shipping, click Add and select Pick up at designated location on the list.



2.    Set up Free Self-Pick-up as Shipping Method.


Enter custom Shipping Method Name, such as Pick up at Store, Pick up at Office, Collect at Pick up points, etc.


When you set up Free Self-Pick-up, you can Enable No Shipping Fee feature, that means no shipping free will be charged on customers. The other charging method settings will be auto hidden in order to simplify the set up procedures.


When you set up Free Self-Pick-up and customer’s shipping address is not required, you can Disable  Shipping Address is Required.

Customers will not be required to provide a shipping address when proceeding shopping cart checkout.


You can choose to enter Shipping Method Description, such as the store address, pick up point details, other terms and notes, etc.



3.    Save the changes.

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