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Product Cost ControlAuto Calculate Order Profits


To facilitate merchants in calculating order profits, eshopland ecommerce platform has launched the product cost price feature. Merchants simply need to enter the cost price of the products and the system will automatically calculate and show the estimated profit for each order, for merchant’s reference.


The Product Cost Price feature is only available for “Professional” plan users, please visit our Pricing for more details.

The order profit estimation is applicable only orders generated after entering the product cost prices. All previously generated orders will not be auto updated.


1.    Enter Product Cost Price


Go to Admin Panel > Products > All Products,

Select a product to enter the product page,

Scroll down to Source of Goods,

Enter the Product Cost Price.



If the product has different variants, you can Enable  Variant Individual Cost feature.



Enter cost prices for the variants.



2.    Order Estimated Profit


When merchants enter the cost price for products and variants (if any), the system will automatically estimate the profit for each order and show it on the order page.


The system will estimate the order profit using the following formula:

Estimated Profit = Total Product Sales Price – Total Product Cost – Order Discount


The order profit estimation is applicable to orders generated after entering the product cost prices. All previously generated orders will not be auto updated.



3.    Export Order Records Report


On the top right corner of the order list, click Download to export the order records in Excel format.


The order report will show the order details and also include the product cost price and the estimated profit of the orders.



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