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Adding Video in Product Description


eshopland ecommerce platform now has added new feature on adding video into the product description, to enhance product promotional effectiveness.


1.    Enter the Product Content Page


Sign in and go to Admin Panel,

Click Products > All Products,

Select a Product to enter the Product Content Page.


Merchants can choose to add the link or embed code of the video.


2.    Adding a Video Link


Select Insert > Media in the text field.



Adding a YouTube Video Link

Press Share and then Copy the YouTube video link.



Paste the video link onto the field and Save.



The video will be shown instantly.

You can adjust the size of the video.



3.    Adding an Embed Code of a Video


Adding Embed Code of a YouTube Video

Press Share > Embed and Copy the embed code of the YouTube video.



Adding Embed Code of a Facebook Video

Press the three-dot menu “···” > “</> Embed”,



Copy the Facebook Embed Code.




Paste the embed code onto the field and Save.



The video will be shown instantly.

You can adjust the size of the video.



4.    Apply


When finished, press Confirm  to save the changes.


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