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The eshopland Layout Designer is equipped with comprehensive features, no coding is required and easy to use. You can design the page layout and content as the way you want, build your online shop to match your personalized style and business operations.


1.    Go to the Layout Designer


Go to the Admin Panel > Design > Pages,

select or add a page,

press Edit  on the Page Settings and get into the Layout Designer.



2.    Shortcut to Shopfront Design


Go to Admin Panel > Design > Shopfront, you can enter the Layout Designer of the shop homepage directly to start your shopfront design.



3.    Layout Designer


Layout Preview Editor

All the editing and layout design will appear on the preview area on the right. You can view the visual effect on different devices.

RWD (Responsive web design) makes webpages adapt to the scaling requirements on different screen environment and render well on a variety of devices


                Mobile version preview


            Desktop version preview


              Full screen preview


You can update all language pages on the Layout Designer in any language.

Select EN to swap language pages.



Basic Tools







You should Save for all the updates you have made.


            Adding module

Add-module feature is only available for specific plan users.



That means your new design and content has been uploaded successfully.


           Update Failed

That means the update is failed. When it occurs, please try to:

                     apply the update again;

                     or check the internet connection;

                     or reload the current page;

                     or restart the browser.

If it continues to happen, please contact us.


4.    Apply


You are required to Save  for any updates you have made (include change of languages).


If you leave the page without saving the changes, the system alert message will pop out.


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