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Product Categories


Adding product categories and sub-categories and grouping your products can make it easier for your customers to find the right products on your online shop.


Note: Different services plan will support different numbers of category layers, please visit our Pricing for more details.


1.    Adding Category


Go to Admin Panel > Products > Categories.


Select Add New  to start adding a new product category.



2.    Adding Product Category Name


Category Name is mandatory.

Category Name should be unique.

The system will auto generate the name fields in different languages according to your shop’s Language Settings.



3.    Managing Product Categories


Merchant can use the “Expand All” and “Collapse All” functions to view the list of categories.



           Expand the category list

        Collaspe the category list

           Re-ordering the categories

       Edit category name

       Products in the category

        Delete the category


4.    Adding Products into Categories and Sub-categories


Go to Products > Categories (or Sub-category),

click Products  to enter the category product list,

then press Add .



Select products from the shop product list, then Confirm  to add the products into the category.



Select a product and press Remove  to remove it from the category. The removed product will not be deleted from the shop.



5.    Adding a Product to Category on the Product Content Page


You can Enable  the category on the product content page to add a product into an existing category or sub-category.



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