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Duplicate a Product


Use the “duplicate a product” feature on the admin panel, you can save time when adding a similar product to your online shop


1.    Go to the Product List.


Go to Admin Panel > Products > All Products.


2.    Duplicate a Product.


Press Duplicate  on the product which you want to duplicate, then a duplicated product will be created instantly.



If you cannot locate the duplicated product, press “Last Update” to re-order the products, the newly duplicated product will be placed at the top.



3.    Modify the Duplicated Product.


You will be auto directed to the product page of the newly duplicated product. You can modify the product details such as to rename the product, modify the description, add product options, change stock and inventory settings, edit product URL, enter product number and barcodes, etc., to create a new product for your shop.


The default status of the newly duplicated product is unpublished .



4.    Save  the changes.

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