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SF Express Logistics Automation


Auto Generate SF Express WaybillWaybill Printing


Merchants can automatically generate and print SF Express waybills directly through the eshopland system backend. With a single click, merchants can print waybills without requiring to install any additional plugins, saving time and effort.


By inputting the accurate SF Express account registered mobile number or SF monthly billing account number, merchants can link the dispatched waybill records to your SF Express account, facilitating easy access and follow-up.


1.    Auto Generate SF Express Waybill


When the customer chose SF Express service during checkout, the system will automatically retrieve the delivery information provided by the customer and generate a SF Express waybill.


Go to Admin Panel > Orders,

open the order,

scroll down to “Shipment”,

press “Print Waybill”.



Sender Information:


Phone Number


SF Express Credit Account Number (optional)


The system will automatically save the sender's information that the merchant initially enters as the default sender information for SF Express waybills.

If you wish to synchronize the waybill records with your SF Express account, you are required to input the accurate registered phone number.



Recipient Information:

The system will automatically retrieve the order delivery information provided by the customer and auto generate an SF Express waybill for the order.

Before submitting the order to SF Express, merchants have the option to modify the delivery information of the order.



Select the Shipping Type:

SF Speedy Express

SF Drop & Drop

SF Pick Up



Select the Payment Method

Paid by Shipper

Paid by Receiver

Paid by Third-party



After entering the required information and configuring the settings, you can click on "Place Order", the system will automatically generate an SF Express waybill.



2.    Print the SF Express Waybill


Click on "Print Waybill," the waybill will automatically open in your browser.



Merchants can choose to connect to a printer via their computer or use a mobile device to connect to a wireless label printer for printing SF Express waybills.



3.    Cancel Order


Click on "Cancel Order," the generated order will be instantly canceled, and the corresponding SF Express waybill will be removed immediately.

After canceling an order, you will need to generate a new waybill to proceed with the shipment arrangement.



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