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Product Media (Image & Video)


Adding images and videos to the product pages, let customers know more about your products in detail.

Below are the steps and notes on how to upload or change the product media (images and videos).


1.    Adding Product Media


Login and go to the Admin Panel > Products > All Products, enter the Product Content Page > Media.

You can add images and videos to your products.



Select the method to add media:

Add image from Media Library

Add image from external link

Add video from external link



2.    Adding Image from Media Library


Press Add Media  in the Media Library.

Select an image from your computer, mobile or other devices, then click Open. The image will be auto uploaded onto the Media Library.


Recommended image ratio:     1:1 (square)

Recommended image size:      800px x 800px

File format:                                 JPG, PNG or GIF

Recommended File size:          Not exceed 2MB


Apply the Product Image added from the Media Library


Select the image and press Confirm  to apply the image.



The product image will be displayed on the product content page instantly.



3.    Add Image from an External Link


Enter an external link of a product image into the field and Confirm  to apply.



The product image will be displayed on the product content page instantly.



4.    Add Video from an External Link


Support YouTube videos only.


Press Share on the YouTube video page,

Copy the YouTube external link of a product video,

Paste the external link,

Confirm  to apply.



5.    Changing the Product Image Sequence


The Product Image will be listed chronologically according to the upload order by default.

To reorder the Product Media, drag and move the media on the Media block.



6.    Apply the Changes


Select to Cancel  or Save  the changes.

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