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Tracking Tools – Google Analytics


On eshopland platform, you can add Google Analytics to track the page traffic, visitors, sessions and other customer behaviors on your online shop.


1.    Sign in Google Analytics


You are required to Create your Google Account, and Sign in your Google Account in order to use the Google Analytics service.



2.    Create your Google Analytics Account


Sign in Google Analytics and press “Create Account”.

Enter your Account Name (Required) and press “Next”.


If you already have your Google Analytics Account, you can press “Admin” on the bottom left corner, select an account and begin to “Create Property”.



3.    Create Google Analytics 4 Property


Set the Property name, Reporting time zone and Currency as required.


eshopland supports the latest version of Google Analytics 4.


If you want to create a Universal Analytics property, click on “Show advanced options” to set up. Universal Analytics properties will stop collecting data starting 1 July 2023.



4.    Set up your Business Information


Complete the form by setting your Industry category, Business size and Google Analytics options, then press “Create”.



5.    Create a Data Stream


Choose “Web” on the page.



Fill in the URL of YOUR online shop and create a Stream name, then press “Create Stream”.



A Google Analytics 4 Web Stream has been created and it will auto generate a unique Stream ID and Measurement ID.



6.    Add the Google Analytics 4 Property ID onto your eshopland account


Copy the Google Analytics 4 Property Measurement ID (G-XXXXXXXXXX).


Go to eshopland Admin Panel > Settings > Integration > Tracking Tools.


 Enable Google Analytics ID and paste the Google Analytics 4 Property Measurement ID into the field, then press Save .

Google Analytics tracking has been added to the shop, you can view the traffic and analytics on Google Analytics page or app.

It may take up to 48 hours for the data collection to be active and viewable on Google Analytics after pasting the Measurement ID onto the Admin Panel.



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