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Order Overview


On eshopland admin panel, you can view the order details and manage order details of your online shop. The following is a brief of the order.


1.    Enter the Order Content Page


Go to Admin Panel > Orders,

select an Order Number and enter the Order Content Page.



2.    Order Overview


You can view and manage the order details on the Order Content Page.




The information, unit price and total amount of the products in the order and the applied offers.

Edit Order and Split Order features are available for specified service plan users.



The payment details of the customer and the instant payment status.

You can change the payment status manually.


Order Summary

Listing the product subtotal amount and shipping fees respectively.

Auto update by the system.



For internal reference only.



The shipping details of the customer.

You can update the details manually.

If the customer has selected to use SF Express, you can fill in the Tracking Number and the Waybill Mobile Number then press Refresh  to load the instant shipment status.


Customer Information

The personal information and member status of the customer.

You can update the information manually.



The complete order records.

You can expand to view the identity of the customer and the shop administrators.

Order records cannot be amended.


3.    Resend Order Email to Customer


When the customer placed an order, the system will send order confirmation email to the customer automatically.

You can also press Send  located at the top right corner of the Order Content Page to resend the latest order record email to the customer or to the shop admin.



4.    Order Invoice and Receipt


Merchants can click on Invoice  located at the top right corner of the Order Content Page to view and download order invoice and receipt at any time.

When a customer has made a payment and the payment status of the order has changed to “Paid”, the receipt will be automatically generated.

If the customer has “Uploaded” the payment record, the merchant also needs to change the payment status to “Paid” for the system to generate the order receipt.

Order receipt can only be generated after the customer has made payment.

If merchant is using the mobile App, you can send the PDF file of the invoice or receipt to your current account login email.



5.    Order Link


Merchants can click on the Link  located at the top right corner of the Order Content Page to copy the order link for sending to the customer.



For security reasons, customers must enter the phone number associated with the order to access and view the order.



When the customer entered the correct phone number, he/she can access the complete order details, including payment and delivery information.



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