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Cancel an Order


To maximize the flexibility of your online shop operations, authorized shop administrators can execute order canceling on eshopland admin panel by manual. For example, when a customer requested for order canceling, or when order products out of stock, or when order abnormality occurred, or when order is not possible to be fulfilled, etc.


1.    Enter the Order Content Page.


Go to Admin Panel > Orders and choose the order from the Order List.



2.    Cancel an Order.


Press “Change” next to the Order Status, change it to “Cancelled” and the order status will be updated instantly.

When merchant cancelled an order, the system will auto send email notification to the customer.


When merchants changed the order status, it will be immediately synchronized with the customer’s account.



3.    Bulk Action.


You can also cancel orders or change other status of the orders by using the Bulk Action feature on the Order List.


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