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To enhance the ecommerce platform system, eshopland has launched a supplier list feature onto the system; allowing merchants to record supplier information and easily access the sourcing details of various products of the online shop.


The product suppliers feature is only available for “Professional” plan users, please refer to our Pricing for more details.


1.    Product Suppliers List


Go to Admin Panel > Products > All Products to view the suppliers list of the online shop.

Merchant can Edit  or Delete  the supplier record on the list.



2.    Add a Supplier


Press Add  and enter the information to add a new supplier record.

Supplier Name is mandatory.



If you have added too much content in the remarks field, you can expand it on the supplier list.



3.    Customize Suppliers Sequence


Merchant can customize the sequence of the suppliers on the list.

By default, newly added suppliers will be placed at the top.



4.    Adding Supplier for Products


Go to Admin Panel > Products > All Products and select a product page.

Scroll down to Source of Goods to select a supplier for the product.



The supplier information will be added onto the product page for merchant’s easy reference of the product source.



Alternatively, merchant can press Add  to add a new supplier record.



Fill in the information and Save .

Supplier Name is mandatory.

The newly added supplier record will be added onto the supplier list directly.



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