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Product Details Settings


eshopland platform allows you to set prices, weight, SKU, related products, etc. for your products, to enhance business management efficiency.


We will go through how to set the following product details:


Product Price



Product Number (SKU)



Product Link

Related Products

Product Availability


1.    Select the Product


Go to eshopland Admin Panel. Click Products > All Products, select a Product to enter the Product Content Page.


2.    Product Price



Regular Price – the standard price


Special Price – the discounted price



Member Price – the discounted price, members-only offers



3.    General Settings



Product Number – stock number (Stock Keeping Unit – SKU)


For tracking the inventory, shipping and sale details of the products.

Support setting unique SKU for product variant.


Shipping Type

Ordinary – can be shipped at room temperature

Air Conditioned / Chilled / Frozen – to be shipped by cold chain logistics

The shipping type will be set as “Ordinary” by default.

Merchants who use logistics automation services are recommended to set accurately.


Product Size

The Length, Width and Height of the product in cm (centimeters).

The system will auto calculate the total order size and estimate the shipping charges.

Merchants who use logistics automation services are recommended to fill in the size details accurately.


Product Weight

Weight in KG (kilograms).

The system will auto calculate the total order weight and estimate the shipping charges.

Merchants who use logistics automation services are recommended to fill in the product weight accurately.

If you  the product weight, the weight of this product will not be displayed and counted on orders.


4.    Product Inventory Settings


In order to satisfy different business operational requirements, our system supports multiple inventory settings which include:


Hide Quantity

Unlimited Stock

Accept Out-of-stock Orders


Stock Threshold

Insufficient Stock Alert

Out of Stock Alert

Low Stock Alert


For more details about the Product Inventory Settings, please read the guide on Product Inventory Settings.


5.    Product Keywords



Enter appropriate and relevant keywords can increase search engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo) visibility, improving search engine optimization (SEO).


AI Auto Keywords

eshopland specially developed an AI Auto Keywords feature, press  for once, the system will immediately analyze your content and auto suggest relevant keywords for you.


6.    Product URL



The system will set your product name as the product URL by default.

Product URL can be customized.

Include important keywords and product name on the product URL can improve the product SEO.


7.    Related Products


The related products will be shown at the bottom of the product page.

A maximum of 8 related products can be shown per page.



None, no related product is set by default.

Select Randomly select from the product list, related products to be picked randomly from the online shop.

Select Randomly select from the product list under the same category, related products to be chosen randomly from the same category.

Custom, select the related products directly from the product list


8.    Product Availability



The system will set the new product as “Unpublished” by default, the product is not opened to the public.

Publish  the product, the product will be displayed in the sales channels and become available for sale.


9.    Apply the Settings


Select to Cancel  or Save  the changes.


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