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Merchants subscribed for eshopland “Professional” plan can set individual products as “Limited Time” products to effective attract customers’ order within the limited period. This feature is also applicable for promoting “seasonal” or “short term supply” products.


Limited Time Purchase feature is only applicable to “Professional” plan users, for more details please visit our Pricing Plans.


1.    Setting the Limited Time Purchase Product


Go to Admin Panel > Products, select the product and enter the product content page.

Scroll down to Limited Time Purchase and Enable .


Set up the Start Time and End Time to form the Offer Period.

The product is only available for purchase within the Offer Period.



Press Save  when finished setting.


The “Add to cart” and “Buy Now” buttons will be auto disabled when it’s not the Offer Period.

The countdown timer will only appear within 24 hours the start time of the Offer Period.



2.    Product Display on Product Page


A “Limited-Time” ribbon will be auto added onto the top right corner of the product image.

Customers can only place order on this product within the Offer Period.



3.    Limited Time Product Display on Product Overview


A “Limited-Time” ribbon will be auto added onto the product to make it more noticeable.



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eshopland 網店平台-「隱藏商品」功能
eshopland 網店平台-後台落單功能
eshopland 網店平台-系統直出順豐單,無須插件
eshopland 網店平台-網店管理手機 App,所有用戶均可免費任用
eshopland 網店平台-網店貨源一覽
eshopland 網店平台-送貨必用「順豐自動化」
eshopland 網店平台-連每一個細節位,都可以任您自主設計
eshopland 網店平台範本-Theta

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