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Adding subscription feature onto your online shop, allow customers to subscribe your latest news and offers by email addresses or mobile numbers, improve the effectiveness of your promotions and offers.


Subscription feature is only available for our “Advanced” and “Professional” plan users, please visit our Pricing for more details.


1.    Enable the Subscription Feature on the Shop


Note: Merchant should enable the Subscription feature on the shop webpages in order to get subscribers.


 Enter the Layout Designer:

Go to Admin Panel > Design > Pages,

Select a page and enter the Page Settings,

Press Edit to enter the Layout Designer.


Advanced Footer Design:

Unfold the Footer Menu Bar on the left tool area,

Enable the Advanced Footer Design.



Subscription Widget:

Enable Subscription Widget.


Merchant can add the Subscription widget onto the shop webpages, allow visitors to subscribe the shop’s latest news and offers by email addresses or mobile numbers



Press Edit to enter the text field; you can customize the text and design.

Enable the Email field.

Enable the WhatsApp field.

Custom Button Color.

Custom Text Color.



2.    List of Subscribers


Go to Admin Panel > Customers > Subscribers.



3.    Export the List of Subscribers


Click Download on the top right corner of the List of Subscribers to download and export the record in CSV file format.


You can customize the export data:


Current Page

Current Filter

Selected Subscribers

Specified Date



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