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Product Inventory Settings


In order to satisfy different business operational requirements, eshopland system supports multiple inventory settings such as unlimited stock, accept out-of-stock orders, stock quantity, stock threshold, insufficient stock alert, out of stock alert and low stock alert.



Hide Quantity

Enabled  to hide stock quantity on product page.


Hide Stock Label

Enabled  to hide stock labels on product page.

E.g. Set to hide the “In Stock” label for “Unlimited Stock” setting and “Accept orders” label for “Accept Out-of-stock Orders” setting.


Unlimited Stock

This product has unlimited stock.

Enabled  and the stock quantity will be hidden, will not be updated.

The Stock Quantity on the shop’s product page will be to display “In stock”.

When the product is set as unlimited stock, there will be no quota limit on supplying and out-of-stock will not occur; therefore, the out-of-stock alerts of this product will be auto disabled.


Accept Out-of-stock Orders

Out-of-stock products can still accept orders.

Accepting out-of-stock orders may result in negative inventory.



Recent stock level.

Once set, the system will auto count for stock out.

Stock quantity can be updated with remarks on the Product Inventory List (Admin Panel > Products > Inventory).


Stock Threshold

The common Stock Threshold will be applied by default.

Support setting specific threshold for an individual product.


Insufficient Stock Alert

Alert when the stock level is insufficient to fulfill the recent orders.

The common settings will be applied by default.

You can set Insufficient Stock Alert for an individual product only.


Out of Stock Alert

Alert when the stock fails to zero (0).

The common settings will be applied by default.

You can set Out of Stock Alert for an individual product only.


Low Stock Alert

Alert when the stock level hits the low stock threshold.

The common settings will be applied by default.

You can set Low Stock Alert for an individual product only.


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