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Initial Shop Setup


When you have registered for your shop account, you can login to the Admin Panel, follow the steps below to begin your initial shop setup.


1.    Login and go to the Admin Panel.


Click Settings > General to view and edit the General Settings of your online shop.



2.    You can set your Country or region, Currency, Time zone and Language.



Country or region – the physical location of your business


Currency – the transaction currency of your online shop


Time zone - the system will show your order details and activity logs according to your selected time zone


Language – the languages to show the webpages and products of your shop



The system will generate your shop and product fields according to your Language settings.

Your customers can browse your shop and complete transactions on different language pages.

If you only select one language, your shop will have no language options.


3.    Set your Shop Name.




While you are typing in any Chinese content into the Chinese fields, you can use our Traditional-Simplified Chinese Conversion function to speedy copy and convert traditional Chinese content into simplified Chinese or vice versa.


4.    Set your free URL.



This is a unique and customizable shop link you can use for free.

You can only change your free URL every 24 hours.

You can copy the shop URL using the Copy  button.


5.    Select to Cancel  or Save  the changes.

eshopland - NGO Offer
eshopland - Start free trial now
eshopland 14-day free trial
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eshopland 網店平台範本-Delta
eshopland 網店平台範本-Epsilon
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eshopland 網店平台範本-Nu

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