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Connect Your Domain


You can connect your purchased domain to eshopland platform, so you customers can browse your online shop via your domain. Using a custom domain on your online shop can effectively build trust as well as your brand image.


If you would like to connect your GoDaddy domain to eshopland, please read Connect your GoDaddy Domain.


1.    Adding your domain.


Go to Admin Panel > Settings > General, Enable  Your Domain.


Fill in the domain you have purchased.

Press Save  to complete.


You must be the owner of the domain.



2.    Update your DNS records in your domain provider account.


Log in to your domain provider’s account to update the DNS records.


Update the following DNS records:


Point the A record to eshopland IP address:

Change the Host Name to the symbol “@”.

Point the CNAME record with the name www to


It might take up to 24 hours for your domain to be effective after updating the DNS settings.


When you have successfully added your domain to eshopland, a new TLS/SSL certificate will be automatically created for free.


eshopland cannot access your third-party domain’s settings. If you have any problems when updating your DNS records, please contact your domain provider for assistance.

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