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Order Limit


To avoid malicious or irresponsible ordering behaviors against your shop, eshopland ecommerce platform allows you to set order limit for your online shop, to maintain your shop’s smooth operations more effectively.


1.    Enable Order Limit.


Login and go to the Admin Panel > Settings > Order. Enable  Order Limit function.



2.    Setting Order Limit.


Time Interval

To be counted in hour.

Customers can place the maximum limit of orders within this set time interval.


Maximum number of orders

The maximum number of orders can be placed within the set time interval.


Example: Customers can place a maximum of 50 orders within 24 hours.


3.    Automatically add over-the-limit customers to blacklist.


Turn on  the Auto add over-the-limit customers to blacklist function.

The customer who orders over the set limit will be added to blacklist automatically.

The over limit orders will be blocked by the system.


4.    Select to Cancel  or Save  the changes.

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