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Order List Overview


You can view the basic details and instant status of the orders on the order list. The order list is also equipped with filtering and bulk action features for more efficient management.


1.    The Order List


Go to Admin Panel > Orders and you will see the complete Order List.


The Order Number, Date, Customer Name, Total Amount, Instant Order Status, Payment Status and Shipping Status of each order will be displayed on the Order List.

Simple icon display makes it easier to view.

For more details about the Order Status, please read Order Status Update.



2.    The Order List Features


You can group orders by status, sort by date range, search or filter the orders on the order list.


Click Filter  to filter the orders by Payment Status or Shipping Status.



3.    Bulk Actions


You can use Bulk Actions feature to change the status of the orders, payment and shipment.



4.    Export Order Record


Click Download on the top right corner of the Order List to download and export the order record in CSV file format.


You can customize the export data:


Current Page on the screen

Current Filtered Data

Export data within the specified Registration Date range



5.    Archive Orders


Archive orders can hide or mute a single order record without deleting it.

To ensure data integrity and keep a clean record of the effective orders.


Archived orders will not be shown on the All Order List.



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