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Contact Info & Google Map


On eshopland Layout Designer, merchants can add contact details and Google map location onto the online shop for customers’ information.


1.      Add a Contact Info & Map module.


Go to Admin Panel > Design > Pages.

Select or add a page and enter the Layout Designer.

Press Add  to add a Contact Info & Map module.



2.      Manage the Module.



You can manage the following settings of the Full Width Banner Image module:




Background Color


For more details about managing the modules, you can visit the Manage Modules tutorial.


3.      Setting the Google Map and the Contact Information.


On the left Tools bar, press Settings  of the module to enter the module setup page.


Fill in the Contact Information of your shop:

Name – auto filled by the system, editable

Address – the shop location will be shown via Google Map

Tel – support click to call

Email – support click to mail


Press Confirm  to save.



The actual view of the Google Map location and contact details of the online shop.



4.      Save  the changes.

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