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Customer Blacklist


On eshopland ecommerce platform, shop administrators can add specific uncooperative customers to blacklist in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts and can enhance operational efficiency.


1.    Adding customer to blacklist on the Customer Information Page.


Go to Admin Panel > Customers, select a customer and enter the Customer Information Page.


Enable  Add to Blacklist feature to add the customer to blacklist instantly.



A Slash will be added onto the blacklisted member customer icon; and the icon color will change from blue to black.

A Slash will be added onto the blacklisted non-member customer icon; the icon color will remain in grey.


Blacklisted non-member customers:

Not able to complete cart checkout nor place any future orders with one’s mobile number and email address.


Blacklisted member customers:

Not able to sign in to one’s shop member account.

Not able to complete cart checkout nor place any future orders with one’s mobile number and email address.



To remove the customer from blacklist, just simply Disable  Add to Blacklist feature, the customer status and access rights will be back to normal immediately.


2.    Bulk Actions.


You can Add or Remove customers from blacklist by using bulk actions on the Customer List.



3.    Auto add over-the-limit customers to blacklist.


Go to Admin Panel > Settings > Orders, Enable  the Order Limit function.

Set the Time Interval and Maximum number of orders, then Enable  the Auto add over-the-limit customers to blacklist feature.

The system will auto add the customers who order over the set limit to blacklist.


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