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Wireless ShipAny Waybill Printing (iOS)


Merchant who has equipped with wireless printer can enjoy wireless waybill printing by using ShipAny logistics automation services on eshopland iOS App. 1-button wireless printing, no plugin is required, save energy and time.


To use ShipAny shipping management services, you are required to register for a ShipAny account and connect your account to eshopland. For more details about ShipAny account registration and eshopland connection, please read ShipAny Logistics Automation.


To learn how to print waybills on Android phone wirelessly, please read Wireless ShipAny Waybill Printing (Android).


1.    Print Waybill on Android Phone iPhone


Go to Admin Panel > Orders,

Enter the order,

Scroll down to Shipping session,

Press “Print Waybill”.


You can only “Print Waybill” after submitted the shipping order to ShipAny. Please read ShipAny Order Shipping Management for details.



2.    Download the Auto Generated Waybill


The waybill will be auto filled and generated according to the shipping information of the order.

The waybill will be opened on the browser of your mobile device.


Download the Waybill onto the phone



Check the Downloaded Items



Open the Downloaded Waybill File



3.    Print the Waybill


Select “Print”.



4.    Select the Printer


Select the printer and print the waybill wirelessly.

You are required to equip with a wireless printer to enjoy wireless waybill printing via the mobile. Mobile users are highly recommended to pair a Bluetooth wireless printer.

The wireless printer must be connected to the mobile.



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