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Order Status Update


Order status can clearly show the instant conditions and progress of each order, effectively enhance the handling and follow-up procedures and improve shop’s operational efficiency.


Read the brief below to understand the definitions and functional meanings of each order status, utilize the order status system for more efficient online shop management.


Order Status


Four main Order Status:


Pending Orders – No actions required yet.

Processing Orders - Further actions required.

Completed Orders - No further actions required.

Cancelled Orders - No further actions required.


The system will update order status according to the change of the payment and shipment status.



1.    Updating Order Status

You can select to update automatically or manually.


Auto Update

Login and go to the Admin Panel > Settings > Order.

Enable  Auto change order status function, the order status will be updated by the system automatically according to the change of the payment and shipment status.



Manual Update

Disable  Auto change order status function, you will have to update all the order status by manual.

Go to the Admin Panel > Orders, select an order. You can change the order status on the Order Content Page.



2.    Updating Payment Status.


Auto Update

If customers use auto payment methods (e.g. Stripe) to process check-out, the system will update the payment status automatically.

If payment failed or payment overdue occurred, the system will auto update the payment status.


Manual Update

If customers use manual payment methods (e.g. manual e-wallet, bank transfer, manual FPS, etc.) to process check-out, you will have to update the payment status manually.


Go to the Admin Panel > Orders. Select an order. You can change the payment status on the Order Content Page.



3.    Updating Shipment Status.


Manual Update

You can update the Shipment Status on the Order Content page manually.


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