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eshopland platform offers different themes in various design styles for you to select and apply onto your online shop. Simply change the images and edit the text, your shop will be ready at a glance.


1.    Theme Templates.


Go to the Admin Panel > Design > Pages.


You can see the theme templates below the Page List.

Press Preview to browse the actual visual effects of the theme on a new page.




2.    Applying a theme template.


You can select and Apply a theme template.

When you apply a theme, the design and content of the theme will be applied onto all the system default pages of the shop.

To apply a theme, ALL your current page settings will be overwritten. You are recommended to download  your current page settings as backup before proceeding to apply.



3.    Edit the theme design.


You can enter the Layout Designer of each page to edit the design, layout and content to best fit your styles and business requirements.


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