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Order Editing


Designated service plan users would be able to edit unshipped orders on eshopland admin panel, such as to add or edit products or quantities, change offers or add new discounts. We offer you a higher operational flexibility to satisfy different requirements from your online shop’s customers.


1.    Enter the Order Content Page


Go to Admin Panel > Orders, select the order and enter the order content page.


Edit Order feature is only available for unshipped orders, which shipping status should be “Pending” or “Preparing”.

“Completed” orders or “Cancelled” orders are not editable.


Edit Order feature is only available for merchants purchased specific service plans, for details please see our service plans.


2.    Order Editing Feature


Press Edit  on the Products session on the order content page, the Order Editing function will auto pop out.


On orders not supporting Order Editing, the Edit  icon will not appear.



3.    Edit Order Products


Merchants can edit the products and quantities of the order:


Cancel products from the order

Change the quantity of the products in the order

Add new products to the order



Confirm  the changes and the order content will be updated instantly.



4.    Edit Order Promotional Offers


Merchants can also change the selection of the deals and offers, or add extra discount to the order.

The system will auto calculate and show the eligible offers for selection.

This feature is not applicable to all split orders, including the main orders and sub-orders.


Change selection of promotional offers

Add fixed amount discount



Confirm  the changes and the order content will be updated instantly.



5.    Edit Other Information of the Order


Merchants can also edit the Shipping and Customer Information of the orders. Simply press Edit  to update the information.


Edit Shipping Information

Merchants can edit the Shipping Method and Recipient’s Information of the orders.

If there is new shipping fee occurred due to the change of the shipping method, the system will update instantly.


Edit Customer Information

Merchants can edit the Customer Information of the orders.



6.    Order Update Records


When an order is being edited, you can view the detailed update information on the Records of the Order Content Page, including the Original and Update order records, and also the shop administrator identity whom executed this update.


The system will show the order’s details and information based on the latest updated version.


If the cost of the order changes or additional charges occurred after the order is being edited, merchant should arrange payment or refund with the customer on your own regarding the cost difference.

The system will not auto update the payment status regarding the cost difference caused by order editing, merchant should update the relevant status by manual.



7.    Resend Order Email to Customer


When you have edited an order, you can utilize the Resend Order Email to Customer feature, press Send at the top right corner of the Order Content Page to resend the updated order to the customer by email.

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