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Order Payment Receipt


eshopland platform supports various manual payment methods, such as bank transfer, Alipay HK, PayMe, FPS and other e-wallets, etc. Customers can upload the payment receipt for merchant’s verification upon payment completion.


1.    Customer Upload the Payment Receipt.


When customer chose to settle the order by manual payment method, such as bank transfer, Alipay HK, PayMe, FPS, etc., the system will auto generate a payment deadline according to your payment settings.

Customer is required to upload a payment receipt before the deadline or the order might be cancelled due to payment overdue.


The “Upload” button will appear on the order confirmation page. The customer will also receive an Order Confirmation Email with the “Upload” button.

If the customer is unable to locate the “Upload” button, merchant can always press  to Resend Order Confirmation Email to customers on Admin Panel > Orders > Order Content Page.


Member customers can also log in to Shop Member Account > My Orders > Order Content Page to upload the payment receipt.


Payment Receipt File Format:  JPGPNG or GIF

File Size Limit:                            5MB


When customer has uploaded a payment receipt, merchant will receive a system message with the payment receipt file as an attachment.



2.    Verify the Payment Record.


Go to the Order Content Page, merchant can view the latest payment receipt record of the order.

If you want to check the previous payment receipt records, you can view the attachments on the system emails.



Since eshopland system cannot verify the manual payment record uploaded by the customers, merchants should verify if the payment is well received.



Upon payment confirmation, merchant can change the order Payment Status from “Uploaded” to “Paid” and prepare for order delivery.


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