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Accept Out-of-stock Orders


eshopland ecommerce platform offers accept out-of-stock orders feature, for merchants to manage inventory flexibly. Customers can still place order on their favourite products even the products are temporarily “sold out” or “out-of-stock”.


1.    Enter the Product Content Page.


Go to Admin Panel > Products > All Products and select a product to enter the Product Content Page.


2.    Set Product to Accept Out-of-stock Orders.


Enable  Accept Out-of-stock Orders on the Product Inventory session.



Enabling the feature means that customers can still place orders on the out-of-stock products.

The stock details on the product page will show the current available quantity and the “Accept orders” tag.



When the Accept Out-of-stock Orders product stock level fails to zero (0), the product is “Out of stock”, customers can still place order on this product.

When Out-of-stock Orders are received, the stock quantity may result in negative figure at the “Available” session on the inventory record.

“Reserved” represents the quantity of the out-of-stock orders.


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