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Utilizing modular layout design in the web design architecture of the online shops, eshopland ecommerce platform offers various design modules with different functionalities, allowing you to add, edit and organize the modules in the web page Layout Designer. Build your unique and personalized online shop website effortlessly on eshopland platform.


Below are the basic settings of the web design modules.


1.    Adding modules


Go to Admin Panel > Design > Pages > select a page > Layout Designer.



Press Add New  and select a module to add.

Adding a module, the module will be synchronized onto other language pages (if any).

The synchronized module is blank, content to be added individually.

Add-module feature is only available for designated plan users.

If your service plan does not include add-module feature, you can still edit and design the system default modules in your account.



The added module will be displayed on the preview area on the right.

You can add other new modules over or below the current module.



2.    Setting the Width and Interval of the module



Enter or adjust the number on the bottom left corner of the module, to set the width of the module.

Using pixel (px) as the unit.



Enter or adjust the number on the top and bottom right corner of the module, to set the intervals between modules.

Using pixel (px) as the unit.



Height Ratio

Enter or adjust the number on the bottom left corner of the module to set the module height ratio (%) according to the displaying screen.

The system will auto crop the image according to the module height ratio setting.



3.    Setting Background Color of the Modules


The background color of the modules is white by default.

Click on Background Color , select color or enter RBG or HEX color code to change the background color of the module.

The updated background color will be synchronized onto other language pages (if any).



4.    Setting the Modules


You can drag and move the modules on the left Tools area to reorder the modules.



Other settings:


             Adding a link

Link the module to a specific page, category product within your online shop, or to other external URL.



Set the module to “Visible” or “Hidden”.

You can set different visibility of an individual image or module in different language pages (if any).


              Deleting a module

Deleting a module will be applied to all language pages.


5.    Apply


Save  the changes.


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