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Product Variants


eshopland platform allows you to add variants to your products, such as options of product color, size, weight etc. For more efficient and accurate management of your online shop, you can also add individual settings for the product variants, like price, weight, out-of-stock alerts, order settings, etc.


1.    Adding Product Variant


Go to Admin Panel > Products > All Products, select a Product to enter the Product Content Page.

Enable  Option 1 to add a variant.

The product variant feature is disabled by default.



2.    Setting the Product Variant


You can select and apply the product options template from the list.

The option templates are editable.

You can create your own product options template.

You can save the edited or customized product options as your own templates.

You can set multiple variants for a product.



The system will auto generate the product variants according to your product option settings.

To display the Product Variant on the product page, you must Enable  the Variant button.



The newly added product options will be displayed on the shop’s product page.



3.    Product Variant Individual Settings


Enable  Variant Individual settings.



You can set specific settings for an individual variant.

To show the Product Variant on the product page, you must Enable  the Variant button.




Adding image for variants, make it easier for customers to know your products.



Setting different prices for variants to match business strategy.

The original price fields will be hidden automatically.


Product Number

Setting individual unique product number (SKU) for variants to enhance management efficiency.

The original product number field will be hidden automatically.


Stock Quantity

Adding specific stock quantity for variants to ensure inventory accuracy.

The original stock quantity field will be hidden automatically.


Inventory Settings

Setting specific stock threshold, order settings and out-of-stock alerts for variants to best fit your business requirements.

The original inventory settings block will be hidden automatically.


4.    Apply the Updates


Select to Cancel  or Save  the changes.


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