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Adding Other Users


eshopland ecommerce platform supports managing your online shop by multiple users, allows you to expand your business at any time. The shop owner can invite new staff members to become the shopkeepers. You can authorize specific user rights for the new staff users to fit your operational requirements.


1.    Inviting a New User.


Go to the Admin PanelSettings > Users, press Add User . (Only applicable to users on specified plans, please see our Service Plans for more details.)



2.    Setting User Rights for the New User Account.


Enter the Name and Email of the new user.

Select the user rights to be authorized to this new user.

Click Confirm , the system will send an Invitation Email to the new user account.



If the new user makes no response to the invitation, the user account status will remain as “Not Enabled”.



3.    New user response to the invitation.


The new user account will receive an invitation email from the eshopland system.

The language of the invitation email will be based on your System Notification Language settings.

The new user can choose to “Accept” or “Decline” the invitation to join the shop.



4.    The new user “Decline” to join the shop.


If the new user “Decline” to join the shop, the new account will not be enabled.

User “Declined” will be shown on the user list.



5.    The new user “Accept” to join the shop.


If the new user “Accept” to join the shop, the system will require the new user to activate the new account.



Once the new account is activated, the new user will become a Shopkeeper of the online shop.

The new user can immediately manage the online shop according to the authorized user rights.


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