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Account Payment Method


Adding effective payment methods onto your eshopland account to ensure smooth operations of your online shop, without any interruption caused by delay renewal.


1.    Your Payment Method.


Go to Admin Panel > Account > Payment to view your current payment methods.


For your better and smooth experience on service renewal and upgrade, the system will auto add your payment method as the default payment method of your account on your first purchase of our service plan.



2.    Adding a new Payment Method.


You can add more payment methods onto your account for your own selections.

When you are adding a credit card as your new payment method, some banks or financial institutions may process an instant small amount debit transaction (e.g. debit for HKD 1) to verify the credit card details. The debit transaction will be cancelled immediately once the credit card details are verified and such transaction record will not be shown on your credit card statement.


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