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Customer Service Contact Floating Buttons


eshopland ecommerce platform has equipped with customer service floating function buttons for merchants to add different contact methods onto the online shop. Customers can contact your online shop through their preferred contact methods.


1.    Enable the Customer Service Function Button.


Go to Admin Panel > Design > Preferences and Enable  the Customer Service Function Button.



The customer service icon will appear on the online shop.



2.    Adding Customer Service Contact Methods.


You can set different contact methods for your online shop.

Enable  the specific contact method and fill in the required information into the field to make it connected.


WhatsApp – Phone number


Facebook Messenger – Facebook user name


Instagram – Instagram user name


LINE – LINE QR code link


WeChat – WeChat ID


Telephone – Phone number


Email – Email address



When customers click on the customer service icon, the added contact methods will pop out automatically.



3.    Custom the Customer Service Icon


Enable  Custom Customer Service Icon to change the image of the icon.

The system will auto crop your uploaded image to circular shape.



Recommended icon size:    80px x 80px

File format:                           JPG, PNG or GIF


4.    Apply the changes


Press Confirm  when finished to apply the changes.



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