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Promotion Settings


You can set different types of promotions on eshopland ecommerce platform and add different terms on the deals and offers to best fit your business requirements.


1.    Adding offers.


Enter Admin Panel > Promotions > Offers and press Add .



2.    Setting the Name of the Offer.





3.    Other Basic Settings.


When adding a new offer, you are required to complete the Settings.



Enable Offer

You Enable  or Disable  the offer at any time.


Target Customers

You can choose to offer the deals to “All Customers” or “Members Only”.


Effective Period

You can set the Start Time and End Time of the offers.

The default Start Time is the time you create the offer.

The default effective period is one month from the default Start Time.

When the offer is expired, it will be auto disabled by the system.

If you Enable  No Expiry, the End Time will be hidden and the offer will never expire.


Limitation of Usage

Enable  Unlimited Usage, there will be no quota limits for customers to use the offer.

Disable  Unlimited Usage, you can set quota to limit customers on using the offer.


Single Offer

Enable  This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions, offers and coupons, to set the offer as a single offer which cannot be used in conjunction with other deals and offers of your online shop.

If you Disable  This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions, offers and coupons; and while you are offering other promotions on your online shop, customers may enjoy double offers when proceeding cart checkout.


4.    Customer’s own Selection of Offers.


The system will show all the eligible offers on the checkout page for customer to select and apply the desired offer(s).

The system will auto calculate the discount amount.



5.    Confirm  to Save.

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