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Tracking Tools – Facebook Pixel


Adding Meta Pixel (formerly named as Facebook Pixel) on your eshopland online shop, allow you to understand the actions customers take on your shop webpages, such as adding items to shopping cart, or buying your products. You can use the Metal Pixel make sure your ads are shown to the right people.


1.    Create Business Account in Meta / Facebook Business Manager


Go to Meta Business Manager to create your business account.



2.    Add a Facebook Pixel


Go to Meta Business Settings > Data Sources > Pixels, then press “Add”.



Fill in the Pixel name and your shop Website (optional), then press “Continue”. The pixel will be created instantly.



3.    Copy the Pixel ID


Go back to Meta Business Settings > Data Sources > Pixels to view all the pixels you have created.

Select the pixel and copy the Pixel ID (a 15-digit number).



4.    Adding the Meta / Facebook Pixel ID onto your eshopland account


Go to eshopland Admin Panel > Settings > Integration > Tracking Tools. Enable Facebook Pixel ID and paste your Pixel ID into the field, then press Save to complete.

Now, you can set up or view the pixel data on Meta Business Manager.



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