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eshopland Mobile App


With the eshopland mobile application (app), merchants can manage your online shop design and business from your iOS or Android devices, anytime, anywhere.


OS requirements for the eshopland App (iOS & Android)


The eshopland app works on Android devices and iOS devices (including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).

The eshopland app supports the following OS versions:


iOS 14 version or later

Android 8.0 version or later


Install the eshopland App


You can download and install the eshopland app for free.


The eshopland app for iOS

The eshopland app for Android


Sign in the eshopland App


After installing the eshopland app, you can sign in or register for an account and manage your online shop business from your mobile device. With the eshopland app, you can view and manage your shop orders, products, inventory, page design, staff permissions, customer information, etc.


Notifications of the eshopland App


Enable the Notification function on the eshopland app, you can receive instant notification on orders, inventory, staff accounts and shop account alerts.


Change the eshopland App Language


The eshopland app uses your device’s preferred language. You can change the preferred language in your device’s settings.


The eshopland app supports Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English.


Camera and Media Permissions on the eshopland App


If you would like to use the images on your phone, to be the product or shop design images, you are required to Allow the eshopland app Media and Files permission on your device.


If you would like to take photos on your phone, to be the product or shop design images, you are required to Allow the eshopland app Photos, Media and Files permission on your device.


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eshopland 網店平台-模塊式網頁設計
eshopland 網店平台-網店貨源一覽
eshopland 網店平台範本-Lambda
eshopland 網店平台範本-Nu

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