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Managing Offers


You can manage the promotional offers of your online shop conveniently on the eshopland admin panel.


1.    Promotional Offers List.


Go to Admin Panel > Promotions > Offers to view the existing offers and their status.



The list is equipped with filtering feature allowing you to check the offers by status.



2.    Download Sales Discount Record.


You can click “Download Sales Discount Record” on the top right corner of the list, enter the date range and press Confirm  to export the record in CSV format.


The Sales Discount Record only includes orders which applied the deals and offers. You can go to Admin Panel > Orders to view the complete order record.



3.    Bulk Actions.


You can select offers and set the offers to Enable, Disable or Delete by Bulk Actions feature.

Or you can enter an individual offer to Enable  or Disable  the offer.



4.    Deleting an offer.


You can press Delete  to remove an offer from your online shop and the system will update instantly.

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