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Adding pop-up advertisement onto shop pages properly can attract customers’ attention and boost sale. eshopland online shop platform has in-built with pop-up ad feature. Merchants are not required to install any 3rd party plugins for adding pop-up ads onto their online shops to promote their brands and products.


Pop-up ad feature is only available for specific plan users, please visit our Pricing Plans for details.


Merchants can add pop-up ad onto any of the shop pages which includes system default pages and newly added pages; except for “Products” Overview page and other product pages.


1.    Select a Page to add Pop-up advertisement


Go to Admin Panel > Design > Pages and select a page.


On Page Settings, click “Pop-up Ad” to enter the Pop-up ad set up page.



2.    Enable the Pop-up Ad Settings


The first time you enter the Pop-up ad setting page, you are required to Enable  the Pop-up Ad feature.



3.    Pop-up Ad Features


Text Advertisement

You can fill in advertisement text and design the text with the text field functions.



Ad Layout Design

Background Color







Preview Text Advertisement

Press “Preview” to see the Pop-up ad effect.



Image Advertisement

Click Image to insert an image into the text field from your Media album to create an Image pop-up ad.

If you would like to add advertisement text onto the image, you are suggested to edit the image before uploading onto the Media album.



Set the image Width to “100%” and image Height to “auto”, the image width will fit the actual Pop-up Ad Width and the image height will be auto adjusted proportionally.

For the best visual effect, you are recommended to use an image with a wider width than the actual advertisement width.



You still can add other content onto the text field after inserting the image.



Preview the Image & Text Advertisement

Press “Preview” to see the Pop-up ad effect.



Adding Link

You can add Link to the text and image of the Pop-up ad.



4.    Pop-up Ad Display Effect


You can customize the pop-up ad display effect.



The delay time to show the pop-up ad when a visitor browses the page, counted in second.


First Visit Only

Enable  this function and the pop-up ad will be shown only on first visit of the page.


Display Style

Select the style to show the pop-up ad.



5.    Complete Settings


Save  the changes to activate the pop-up ad.

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