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Your Account Login


Login your account to set and manage your online shop on the Admin Panel. If you forgot your login password, follow the steps to reset your password.


1.    Go to eshopland’s website:


Click Login .


2.    Enter the Email Address and Password you entered for account registration.


Click “Login”.



3.    Login success. Page will be directed to the Admin Panel automatically.


4.    Press Logout  to sign out of the Admin Panel.


Reset your Password:


1.    Click “Forgot Password” on the Login page.



2.    Enter your Login Email and click “Reset Password”.


A system generated Reset Password email will be sent to your Login Email account.



3.    Check your email.


Click the “Reset Password Now” link and you will be directed to the Reset Password page.

Note: The link will be valid for 24 hours.



4.    Enter and confirm your New Password.



5.    Reset Password completed.



You will receive a Password Changed notification email.


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