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Fixed Price Discount


On eshopland e-commerce platform, merchants can set up promotional offers and provide customers with fixed price discounts to attract their purchases. Additionally, you can incorporate various promotional terms to align with your business needs. When customers proceed to checkout, the system will automatically apply and calculate the deducted discount amount based on your settings.


Offer Terms:

Total Purchase Quantity

Specified Products

Specified Categories


1.    Adding a New Offer


Enter Admin Panel > Promotions > Offers,

press Add .


2.    Setting the Name of the Offer





3.    Set up a Fixed Price Discount


Select Fixed Price from the Offer Types.

Enter the fixed price.

The system will auto generate the offer in text format on the Preview area according to your offer settings.

The offer text will be displayed when customers proceed cart checkout or shown on specified products.



4.    Set up the Offer Terms


To set up a Fixed Price Discount, you must include discount “Conditions”.


Total Purchase Quantity

Customers buy over a specified quantity of products can enjoy the offer.



Purchase Over a Specific Quantity on Specified Products

Customers purchase over a specific quantity of specified products can enjoy the offer.

You can set up to 10 specified products.



Purchase Over a Specific Quantity of Products from Specified Categories

Customers purchase over a specific quantity of products from specified categories can enjoy the offer.



5.    Other Settings


Promotion Settings

Discount Codes


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