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Discount on Specified Categories


On eshopland platform, you can set percentage discount on products from the specified categories. You can also add different terms to the offers to boost sales. The system will auto apply and calculate the discount amount when customers proceed cart checkout.


1.    Adding offers.


Enter Admin Panel > Promotions > Offers and press Add .


2.    Setting the Name of the Offer.





3.    Setting Discount on Specified Categories.


Select Discount on Specified Categories from the Offer Types.

Enter the percentage discount figure (%).

The system will auto generate the offer in text format on the Preview area according to your offer settings.

The offer text will be displayed when customers proceed cart checkout or shown on specified products.



4.    Setting the Offer Terms.


When you select Discount on Specified Categories, the Offer Terms will be auto Enabled .

When customers proceed checkout, the system will auto check if the customers fulfilled the terms to enjoy the discount before applying the offer.


Spending Over a Specific Amount on Specified Categories

Customers spend over a specific amount on products from specified categories can enjoy the offer.



Purchase Over a Specific Quantity on Specified Categories

Customers purchase over a specific quantity of products from specified categories can enjoy the offer.



The system will auto display the offers which are eligible to the customer when customer proceeding cart checkout.

Customers can select offers when proceeding cart checkout.



5.    Other Settings:


Promotion Settings

Discount Codes


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