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ShipAny Logistics Automation


eshopland ecommerce platform has integrated with ShipAny logistics gateway, supporting various shipping methods such as Hong Kong Post, Havi Cold, LALAMOVE, SF Express, ZTO Express, UPS, Jumpoint, alfred 24, Kerry Express, etc. Merchants only have to apply for one ShipAny account to activate multiple shipping methods and enjoy logistics automation such as instant shipment rate quotation, order submission, parcel collection, waybill printing and tracking.


When using ShipAny logistics automation service, you must input the weight and dimensions for each item to ensure accurate freight estimation.


1.    Register for ShipAny Account


Go to Admin Panel > Settings > Shipping.


If you do not have a ShipAny account yet, click “Apply Now” to register for an account first.



Fill in the required information to register for a ShipAny account.



2.    Connect to ShipAny


On eshopland Admin Panel > Settings > Shipping.

Press Add to add a new shipping method, then select ShipAny – Logistics Automation (Paid by Send) or (Paid by Receiver) from the list.

Click on “Login to ShipAny”.


When using ShipAny logistics automation (Paid by Receiver), you will need to pay a handling fee to ShipAny for each shipment.

For more details about the services and charges of ShipAny, please visit the ShipAny official website.



Go to ShipAny Portal > Account.

Copy the “Merchant ID” and “API Token”.



Go back to ShipAny Logistics Automation settings page on eshopland Admin Panel

Paste the ShipAny “Merchant ID” and “API Token” onto the fields.



3.    Synchronize the Logistics Settings with Your Online Shop


Since the logistics automation services are provided by ShipAny logistics gateway, to enable the services, merchants are required to synchronize the logistics settings with ShipAny.


Go to ShipAny Portal > Settings > Courier Settings.

ShipAny logistics gateway supports various shipping methods. Please select and activate your required courier services on the portal.


If you “Disabled” a courier service, customers cannot use it when proceeding cart checkout.

“Disabled” courier service does not support instant shipping rate quotation.

Merchants are recommended to carefully consider which courier services to “Enable” or “Disabled”, in order to best fit your actual practical needs.



1.    If you are not selling any chilled or frozen products, you can “Disable” the XH Supply Chain service.

2.    If you need parcel collection from the courier service company, you should “Disable” Hong Kong Post which require sender to send parcels in person.



When the activation is done, go back to the eshopland Admin Panel and press “Synchronize Settings” to synchronize the settings and enable logistics automation on your online shop.



ShipAny Logistics Automation Services:

Instant shipping rate quotation

Online waybill printing

Auto order submission

Auto parcel collection

Online waybill tracking


4.    Other Settings


Shipping Method Description – notes for customers who choose to use this shipping method




5.    Apply


Save the settings and you can enjoy ShipAny logistics automation services now.


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